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HDR Photography

Stunning from every angle

Your listing should stand out from the crowd and deserves to look its best at any angle! Our sharp, HDR photos make every room in a home look big, bright and beautiful.

Starting at $130

How does it work?


Book & pay

Book online to select your services, date, time and pay! The property is captured AS-IS, meaning it should look exactly how you’d like it before our arrival. Please inform your clients of the steps to prepare the property prior to our arrival. We’ve created a free Home Prep Guide you can share with them.



On the day of the shoot, our team will do a quick walk-around of the whole property. Our goal is to show your property in its best and most beautiful light, as well as help potential buyers fully visualize the space. We ask that nobody is home during the shoot as this can significantly increase shooting time.


Editing & delivery

The work continues once we leave the property. We take the raw photos and professionally edit them to our strict Lucky Element industry-leading standard, ensuring the property is picture perfect and ready to sell. All photos are delivered direct to the agent via an online dropbox.

Flawlessly edited

Every single shot we take is edited and enhanced to achieve the best possible image every time. Our multi-step editing process results in breathtaking images.

HDR Photography 4

Dynamic range that packs a punch

Our multi-bracket HDR exposure technique allows us to see into the brightest highlights and darkest shadows with crystal clear clarity.

Dynamic Range Before Dynamic Range After

No more doom and gloom

Miserable weather can make your listing feel the same way, which is why we replace all overcast skies with a vibrant blue sky, ensuring every exterior photo looks bright, vibrant and inviting.

Keeping everything in line

We use a wide angle lens to capture as much of the room as possible. This can cause walls to look warped, but our editing removes the warp without losing that wide view.

Unstraightened Straightened

Light the fire

Forget to light the fire before the shoot? No worries! We can crank up the heat and virtually add flames to a fireplace, keeping those cozy vibes intact.

Fire Before Fire After

The grass is always greener

A perfectly manicured lawn is one of those things that we all want but can’t always have. We make sure your grass is lush, green and ready to be seen.

HDR Photography 5
HDR Photography 6

Add-On Services

Level up your listing

70 Empire Drive-Day 70 Empire Drive-Twilight

Twilight photography

Get more eyes on your listing with our twilight photography, where we transform the property’s exterior from day to dusk using the magic of golden hour & editing.

Aerial Views Innisfil

Aerial photography

Elevate your listing with stunning aerial photography that we capture using our state-of-the-art drone system, flown by a fully insured and licensed drone pilot.


There’s a package for that!

We offer three incredible (and discounted) packages that bundle together our most popular services that will get your listing sold!

Please note, the turnaround time for all of our real estate packages is 1-2 business days.


property Package

From $310.50

The Premium Property Package bundles together our most essential real estate services with some added bonuses.


property Package

From $891

The Supreme Property Package can’t be beat. From it’s incredible value and extensive list of services your listing is sure to shine.


Property Package

From $643.50

The Ultimate Property Package has its name for a reason! It is our full-service real estate listing package that includes:

A-la-carte more your thing?

If you’re looking for a more customizable experience, our easy to use online booking tool lets you easily select the services you need one-by-one.

Have any questions?

We take as many photos as needed to capture the essence of each room in the property. Typically, this is 2-3 photos per room, however this can vary depending on the size of the property and each room.

Photos will be sent to the agent via an online dropbox, where they can be viewed and downloaded.

All photos are retained in the dropbox, free of charge for 6 months before they are removed. It is the agent’s responsibility to download the photos before they are removed.

If only photos are ordered on our booking page, photos will be edited and delivered to the agent via an online dropbox within 1 business day of the shoot.

If photos are ordered as part of our packages, or alongside other services, they will be delivered within 2 business days of the shoot.

Agents may meet us at the property or provide a lockbox code for us to enter the property. A homeowner may also provide us access to the property.

Depending on the size of the property and other factors, shooting time is typically between 1-2 hours.

We have put together a convenient home preparation guide for agents and their clients to prepare a property for photos. Click here to view the guide.

Weather will be monitored prior to the shoot date, and if necessary, we will contact the agent on the day of the shoot to discuss options for rescheduling.

Reach out!

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Service Areas

Listings outside of the blue circle (pictured below) are subject to a travel fee. Travel fees will be invoiced separately after the shoot date, and will be enforced up to the discretion of our team.

Unless a special exception has been made, we do not service areas outside of the red circle at this time.