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Aerial Photo & Video
Aerial Photography

Aerial Photo & Video

The aerial advantage

Starting at $125

Elevate your listing with stunning aerial photo & video from our state-of-the-art drone system, flown by a fully insured & licensed drone pilot.

How does this service work?


Book & pay

Book online to select your services, date, time & pay! Some properties are in a no-fly zone (airports etc.) if the property falls into one of these zones after booking, we will contact you directly & credit your account accordingly. Search here to see if the property is in a safe-to-fly zone.



Our goal is to capture the entire exterior of the property, as well as help potential buyers fully visualize the surrounding area. We ask that there be no cars in the driveway & that there’s no exterior clutter in the front or back yards that could appear in the drone photos/video.


Editing & delivery

Once we leave the property we take the raw photos/videos & professionally edit them ensuring the property looks picture-perfect, great from the sky & ready to sell. All photos/videos are delivered directly to the agent via an online dropbox.

Safety you can count on

Fully insured
& licensed

Transport Canada compliant


Aerial Photo & Video Bundle


Take full advantage of the skies & this discount with our Aerial Photography & Videography bundle.

Have any questions?

We can only fly our drone in specified areas as designated by Transport Canada. If the property is located near airports or heliports of any size, we may be unable to capture aerial photos / videos.

Please reach out to us before booking if you have any concerns. You can also do a quick search here to check if the property is in a safe-to-fly zone.

Transport Canada’s drone regulations dictate how high we’re able to fly the drone, which is below 122 metres (400 feet) in the air. 

Photos / videos will be sent to the agent via an online dropbox, where they can be viewed and downloaded.

All photos / videos are retained in the dropbox, free of charge for 6 months before they are removed. It is the agent’s responsibility to download all files before they are removed.

If only aerial photos / videos are ordered on our booking page, they will be edited and delivered to the agent via an online dropbox within 1 business day of the shoot.

If aerial photos / videos are ordered as part of our packages, or alongside other services, they will be delivered within 2 business days of the shoot.

Agents or homeowners are not required to meet us at the property, however it is important to ensure the exterior of the property looks exactly as you would like it to.

Depending on the size of the property, lot and other factors, shooting time is typically between 30 minutes to 1 hour.

We have put together a convenient home preparation guide for agents and their clients to prepare a property for photos. Click here to view the guide.

Good weather is critical to the success of aerial photo / video. Weather will be monitored prior to the shoot date, and if necessary, we will contact the agent on the day of the shoot to discuss options for rescheduling.

Reach out!


Service Areas

Listings located in the areas marked with green, yellow or red circles in the list below are subject to a travel fee. Travel fees will be invoiced separately after the shoot date, and will be enforced up to the discretion of our team.

Please contact us if your listing resides outside of our services areas to see if an exception can be accomodated.